Innovating once again for our 4th edition

Gaspé (Quebec), March 4, 2015 – The City of Gaspé’s Festival Bouette & Bitume cycling festival is proud to announce the return of, and opening of registration for, the Gran Fondo Forillon (GFF) event, which will take place on September 6, 2015. For this fourth edition, the GFF will set up its quarters on the majestic site of Grande-Grave, a stone’s throw from the beach and Gaspé Bay, in Forillon National Park.

Presented in partnership with Parks Canada, the Gran Fondo Forillon proposes four one-of-a-kind courses consisting of spectacularly scenic maritime routes. In addition to the traditional distances of 120, 80 and 40 kilometres, the GFF will be offering, for the first time ever, a 160-kilometre-long “Alto Fondo” taking cycling enthusiasts over a route boasting close to 2,700 metres in elevation gain – one of Canada’s highest.

Cited as one of the 10 best late-season Gran Fondos in North America by Canadian Cycling in 2014, the Gran Fondo Forillon is the only cycling sporting event to be held seaside in Quebec!

A new formula in 2015

For the very first time in 2015, Gran Fondo Forillon offers a brand new formula that allows combining performance and companionship like never before.

Each of our options now includes a set number of timed sections. Participants will not only surpass themselves in sprints but will also get to share their stories with other cyclists in less challenging sections and at checkpoints.

We take pride in offering the best of both worlds in a safe and secure environment thanks to Groupe Encadreur Expert and local ambassadors of the Gran Fondo Forillon.

Something new for families!

There’s some good news for families this year: the new “Famili Fondo” will offer a challenge for children and grownups on the historic route of the South Sector in Canada’s most beautiful oceanside park. This event will be a rare opportunity to share the road and a picnic with many other sports-minded families in a unique, safe environment.

The return of the “Prolo Fondo Forillon” at Percé!

Encouraged by last year’s experience, the Bouette et Bitume festival is again offering the “Prolo Fondo Forillon,” an untimed, supervised 90-kilometre-long cycling outing on Saturday, September 5, as a prologue to the Gran Fondo.

“Challenge B2”

Furthermore, it is worth noting that participants may combine their time from the Gran Fondo Forillon with their time from new mountain biking event known as Gaspesia 100 when they take part in the “Challenge B2,” a one-of-a-kind cycling biathlon designed with versatile cyclists in mind!

Preregistration now on

All information concerning the activities surrounding the Gran Fondo Forillon can be consulted on the event’s new website at Preregistration is now open at a special rate until April 1, 2015.

About the Bouette et Bitume Festival

Founded in April 2012 by Gaspé’s Club Vélocipeg cycling club, the Bouette et Bitume (B2) cycling festival has quickly made a mark for itself as a truly one-of-a-kind event. B2 draws not only race cycling enthusiasts and tourism cyclists with its road events but also mountain bikers attracted by the Gaspé Peninsula’s unique trails. As such, the festival is the only event to bring together all types of cycling aficionados at one location in Canada.

The Gran Fondo Forillon can count the City of Gaspé, the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Gaspé and Parks Canada among its valued partners.




Jean-François Tapp, president

Telephone: 581-887-1150